Top 10 PHP Frameworks in 2019 for Web Development

PHP is a script language used for building dynamic websites and applications. It originally means personal home page tools but now stands for Hypertext Processor. PHP is the most popular server-sided language. Most web developers preferred using PHP over other programming languages when it comes to creating dynamic web solutions. Web Developers using PHP are able to quickly build a secure, sophisticated, and exclusive web application. If you want to have a dynamic and highly interactive website for your business, hire a PHP developer. Web developers using PHP can create outstanding web applications for your business.

PHP framework simply and accelerate PHP coding. This makes it even more attractive to Web Developers. PHP frames come in different shapes and sizes. The PHP framework is very flexible and can be used by different types of developers with varied levels of experience, application needs, hosting capabilities and development time frames.

Developers find PHP as a very efficient programming language. Through PHP, developers no longer need to write the same lines of code repeatedly, which only takes a significant amount of time and may cause delays and failure to meet the development time frame. It eradicates the monotonous work and reduces the complexity of coding to a significant extent. Because PHP eradicates monotonous work, web development becomes efficient and fast.

There are numerous PHP frameworks available in the industry. Each framework contains excellent features that allow developers to create quality PHP code. In this article, we will take a view of 2019’s top 10 most popular PHP frameworks. This is also the most widely utilized frameworks for creating web development solutions.

  1. Symfony


Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in 2019 used for developing high-end web applications. It has been in the industry for a very long time now. One of the strengths of this framework is its ability to provide developers reusable PHP codes and components. This makes the framework appropriate for developing large scale enterprise solution. Symfony has also a training team that provides training courses for various programming languages. The blog is also updated regularly providing clients with updated information.  This framework offers more bundles than any other framework and is laden with excellent features. The training course offered by the team helps clients learn and get familiar with Symfony quite easily.

  1. Cake PHP

The Cake PHP framework is ideal for beginners. Its advantages include scaffolding functionality and code generation, traits that enable web developers to quickly finish their work. It also provides a lot of packages to manage common functionality. It promises speed and usability making it ideal for developing commercial web solutions that require a time frame. Cake PHP is also free to use whether personal or commercial. Web Developers chose Cake PHP because of ease of configuration.

  1. Zend Framework

Zend Framework is used for building a high-performance application. It is popular among web developers that build a professional web application. Developers chose these framework when they consider security, extensibility and performance. Zend Framework provides its users numerous features including components for forms, feeds, services, authentication, front-end supported drag-and-drop editor, cryptographic coding tool, and PHP unit testing tool among others. Zend Framework is a great tool that supports front end technology and third-party components.

  1. Codelgniter

Like the Symfony, Codelgniter framework is used in developing high-end web applications. It comes with several advanced features such as form validation, unit testing, and email sessions. Its features allow web developers to build web solutions quickly and smoothly. Developers prefer this framework because it offers to build creative solutions with the minimal use of coding.

  1. Yii2

Yii2 is the oldest PHP framework in the industry. It is a major competitor for Symfony and much easier to use. Developers that need fast result turn to Yii2. This framework also support power catching and enables develop to work with AJAX. This framework allows creating efficient, easily maintainable, and extensible web applications.

  1. Phalcon

Phalcon is based on C/C++ making it quite different from other PHP frameworks. Nevertheless, this framework provides advance and outstanding features for the development of high-end applications. It is very easy to use and can be understood quickly. It uses minimal amount of resources compared with other frameworks. This results in a fast HTTP request. Developers chose it because of its speed.

  1. Fuel PHP

It is a modern and high modular PHP framework that supports model view controller (MVC). It has many exciting features such as security enhancement, template parsing, and authentication framework. Developers chose this framework because it allows them to build and deliver    end-to-end solutions with any size and scale of complexity. It is ideal for developing high-performance apps and provide security beyond the basic security features.

  1. Laravel

It is known as the king of all PHP frameworks because it of its features that allow developers to build beautiful and outstanding web applications. It is use for ultra-high-end solutions. It is very popular and easy to use. Developers prefer this framework if they have serious projects. Other built in features include simplified coding and local development environment.

  1. Slim Framework

This framework also allows developer to build advance web application. It is preferred by developers for building APIs. It offers easy steps to create preferred APIs. It is a light weight PHP framework which makes it ideal for developing small web solutions.

  1. PHPixie

PHPixie is ideal for creating high performance web applications. It is easy to understand and easy to work with. It offers an excellent routing system and easy to get started with.

To conclude, PHP is a very useful language for developing dynamic application. There are numerous frameworks available in the industry. Web developers can chose from these frameworks for efficient web development.