As computer technology evolves, so does the capacity of websites to also evolve in design. As the New Year unfolds, new trends in web design are also evolving. Today, many web designs are steering away from the traditional web designs that exude formality and gear towards something more exciting, functional and clutter-free design. 2020 holds numerous trends in web design and this article will enumerate some of the top trends for web design as the new decade ushers in.

Large Types and Elements

            Websites are using more large and prominent elements in their design to communicate with their audience. The use of large, bold font along with fullscreen images, videos and icons enable website owners to communicate well with its audience. Large imagery is eye-catching and grabs the attention of website visitors, thus creating more traffic. Because of this, many websites are opting for this trend in website design (WiX Blog, 2019).

Dark Mode

            Having a dark design on a website is also projected to become big in 2020. Users will have the ability to switch on dark mode if they opt for a design that allows design elements to stand out and reduces eye strain. The dark mode gives websites an ultra-modern look. Plus, it also allows users to save on energy and extends the life of many OLED screen computers (99 Designs, 2019).

Mixed Media and Patterns

            Some websites have followed the trend of fusing photos and illustrations. This trend uses real photos and replaces some parts with illustrations to create a fun and exciting representation of reality. Some websites use patterns in its design. Although patterns have been in use in prior web designs, it is making a comeback in 2020 (Graphic Mama, 2019). New patterned designs, however, give websites a more modern look.

Minimalist Design

            Coupled with the large typography that has been mentioned earlier, some websites are opting for the trend of using a minimalist design with large fonts. Minimalist design has been in use for quite a while now. However, this new technique of using a large font is the new take on this trend, which is set to rise in 2020. A minimalist design with a large font gives a modern feel to the website.

Use of Whitespace

            Whitespace refers to space in between elements on a website. In 2020, the trend towards a minimalist design incorporates more usage of whitespace to give the website a more spacious and well-balanced feel. The use of more whitespace allows for websites to highlight important elements, increasing legibility and creating a more appealing appearance to its site.

Hand-drawn Icons

The use of hand-drawn imagery is also a trend that is set to become popular in 2020. Hand-drawn imagery such as in the use of icons creates a more human touch to the design of the website. This design concept gives the website a more human feel to it, which is an appealing design for the audience.

Line Art

Continuing with the minimalistic design trend, websites are incorporating more line arts into their designs to create a more professional and clean yet still creative design concept. This trend is expected to continue in 2020 and more websites are using this design concept to convey a more modern and clean design.


Overlapping designs and elements are also expected to rise in 2020. An example of this would be putting one element on top of another when a link or object is clicked. This design concept provides a depth to the website and makes the website feel rich with visuals, making it more enticing for the audience.


            Moving elements on a website attract an audience. This is why many websites are incorporating moving objects into their designs. Moving objects are no longer confined to moving pictures or videos. It can be in the form of a micro animation, running texts or animated headers. The possibilities are endless and with the right usage of these moving elements, it can create more traffic to the website.

3D Elements

            With the emergence of technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality, websites are now incorporating more 3D elements into their design. In 2020, more immersive 3D designs are expected to become a trend as the technology that can provide it is becoming more available at less the cost.

Futuristic Color Schemes

            A futuristic twist to the modern design concept that many websites are using this 2020 is the use of color schemes that evoke a futuristic appeal. Colors from the extremes of the spectrum paired together, glow in the dark neon colors combined with dark colors are the trend for some websites to give a more futuristic design that allows for design elements to pop up.



Less Text, More Voice

            To further the minimalist design concept in 2020, websites will be using less text and using more voice scripts. This design concept is used primarily in the navigation of websites especially in smaller devices such as mobile devices and wearable technology such as smartwatches.


            With the advancement of technology in website designs, more trends are gearing towards practicality and ease of use for the audience. A more streamlined design that allows for simplicity and modernity is more favored. The use of color schemes that have never been used before, evoking risk and out of this world designs are also opted by web designers to attract the attention of users.














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